Our services are priced to be competitive while providing a truly professional product.  Looking to go beyond shaky, phone footage taken by an amateur?  Looking for true professionalism, style and elegance in your video?  We can meet those service needs and more.  The below information is general and please contact us for more information on your particular project.

Video Shooting/Lighting Rates
(using JVC GY-HM700u camera)

Half Day (4-5 hours)

Photography only……………….$600.00
Photography + gear…..………..$850.00

Full Day

Photography only  $800.00
Photography/gear  $1,200.00

(Clients may wish to supply either Extreme Memory cards or External Hard drives)

Video Editing Rates

Charged by the hour with a 3-hour minimum
Contact us for more information

Package Deals
Events (all day-includes editing/burning up to 5 DVDs)  $2,000.00
Speeches/Presentations (up to 2 hours-includes editing/burning up to 5 DVDs)  $1,000.00

Digital Still Photography
(using Nikon D200 and D300 Cameras)

Headshots (2 hours)  $500.00
Full Day (8 hours) w/ basic gear  $700.00
Full Day (8 hours) w/Full set up**  $1,000.00
**Full set up includes Studio quality strobes/backdrops.
Digital Stills Clients will receive a DVD with selected images NOT prints.